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Stewards Scribblings - May 2024

Well now, everything's coming up smelling of roses, and all things floral this month, which ends with our lovely Festival of Flowers, "Glimpses of Green". Trees are dressed in their fresh green leaves and, as it says in Song of Solomon 2 vv 11 and 12 "See! The winter is past; the rains are over and gone. Flowers appear on the earth: the season of singing has come; The cooing of doves is heard in our land."

My neighbour has an abundance of Passiflora, the passion flower. This is depicted in our stained glass windows, as Barry once pointed out during a service, telling us about the different parts of the flower. I looked it up and this is what it said, "When European missionaries travelled to South America in the 17th century, they used the flower to illustrate Jesus' crucifixion. The flower's five petals and five sepals represented the ten faithful apostles, its corona the crown of thorns. The three stigma represented the three nails, and the five anthers, the five wounds that Jesus bore. The tendrils were the thongs of the whips used to beat Him."

Going back to the Song of Solomon, and its statement, 'the season of singing has come', leads me to remind you all of the Christchurch Singers June 22nd concert 'Music for a Summer's Evening'. Every Thursday evening the Primary room is filled with singing as the choir rehearses. New people and visitors often remark on the volume of our congregational singing on a Sunday morning - we are indeed 'Born in Song'.

Before I sign off for the last time as Senior Steward, may I say it's been a pleasure to serve you all, to thank you for being so co-operative when I've asked you to do anything, and to wish the team of stewards old and new a very happy year-to-come.

God bless


Chris Cox,
Senior Steward

Money & Property Matters – and Barry’s Babblings
May 2024

Many readers will know that we have spent many (unhappy) hours looking at the best way forward for the supply of fuel to our premises. For the last year we have used SSE under contact - not a happy time and they are subject to complaints from us - as yet unresolved. With the help of our (Christian) Broker the decision has just been taken (after much deliberation) to enter into a two year contract with Yu Energy (no - we had not heard of them either!). They are based in Nottingham and our first impressions are encouraging.

The Annual Church Meeting was held recently and 25 people attended (considerably more than in 2023). Jill has produced an excellent Annual Report that formed the basis of the meeting that was chaired by our Minister.

We reflected on recent decoration work in the Primary Room, and the plans to greatly improve our Audio Visual facilities. Funds have been earmarked to possibly appoint a Community Lay Worker but much more deliberation is required. The meeting was quite positive although tinged with sadness at the number of our folk who are going through very difficult health times.

There may be a few people who are considering becoming members of the church and our Minister is quite prepared to lead a session for prospective members to explain the basis of such a move. You will be most welcome.

There are a few special days in May - including Christian Aid Week that starts on 12th May and there will be collection envelopes available. Friday 24th May is Wesley Day and Sunday 26th is Aldersgate Sunday - this was when John Wesley's 'heart was strangely warmed'- do ask if you need to know more.

Then over the weekend of 25th - 27th May we have our 34th Festival of Flowers. We do need all the help that we can get to make sure of an excellent time. Please offer your assistance and there will certainly be a job for you. Please don't wait to be asked! Part of the proceeds will be donated to the RNLI.

Many will know that we have a serious problem with damp in the church and we are trying to address this difficult situation. We have had a report and would like to involve another expert and if you do know of a firm that could perhaps help, please do let me know.

The worship remains rightly at the centre of life at Christchurch and we are grateful to all who lead our services. Occasionally they are led by our Worship Leader or our Stewards with various members leading readings and prayers.

Finally, a word of appreciation to Chris Cox who is shortly to retire from her role as Senior Steward. Chris has done a wonderful job and many thanks to her - Chris will still be involved in many other ways. Our continued thanks to our team of Church Stewards - Anne, Alan, David, Sarah and Sandy.

Every blessing and Christian love,

Barry Turnwell (Hon. Treasurer and a Property Steward)

Christchurch Messenger Website

You may know that much of the content of the Christchurch Messenger also ends up on the website - www.christchurchmethodist.org - but not all of it. So it is well worth your while to read the Messenger, but also to keep a watchful eye on the website, which is updated every month.

Over 17,500 visits (hits) are made to the website each year, around 48 each day. There are 18 web pages, and the most popular ones are the Home Page, News & Events, Diary, Contacts, Ninfield, and Christchurch Singers. There is also a link to the Winchelsea Chapel website.

If you have any comments or suggestions to make about the website, please let me know.

Peter Downes
Web Developer

Winchelsea Methodist Chapel News

Winchelsea Methodist Chapel

May 2024

Just to mention a couple of forward dates - Saturday June 15th there will be an Open Day from 11am - 5pm to link with the Open Gardens Scheme in the town. Then on Sunday July 14th there will be the celebration of our 239th Anniversary from 2.30pm.

Barry Turnwell, Publicity Officer