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Minister's Letter

My Dear Friends,

Are you noticing the speed at which things are changing? I'm not talking only about our mirror reflection, but the world around us. I'm finding myself increasingly looking back and wishing things were as they used to be, not because they were better, because they most certainly were not, but because things seem to be more predictable, the ways of my parents and grandparents being handed down from generation to generation, in many ways, it was very reassuring, but suddenly we find ourselves in a generation where those of a certain age have to look to those younger to give them skills that are vital to every day living . No longer are the well honed skills passed down from generations Required and many are finding themselves confused and lost in seeking to perform What was once a simple task. One of the certainties of life is change, and one other certainty of life is as we get older, the stronger the aversion we have to change. Of course we all recognise change for the sake of change - trying to fix that which isn't broken, it's the worst kind of change - but afresh (whatever stage of life we find ourselves in) we need to recognise the danger of stagnation, remaining the same, refusing to grow.

In the Bible, there is a very well-known verse which declares 'He's The same yesterday today and forever' As reassuring as that verse is it has a dangerous implication, it can leave us thinking that if God never changes - we, too need to remain the same! There is a beautiful hymn , That's very often sung at funeral services, which expresses change in a very negative way as it declares,'change and decay in all around, I see!' The association with change and decay is not always helpful.

There is a wonderful promise in God's word, that I believe we as Christians need to grasp afresh, The verse declares a wonderful promise, 'Lo, I make all things new!'

As we reflect on this positive word, I would invite you to seek the new thing that God is doing in your heart in your life in your church in your community, and embrace it with great enthusiasm, whether you're 9 or 99 - God's renewing touch has something exciting in store for you!

May God send a new touch of power, of love, grace, and joy As we seek to be bright lights in this dark world.

May God richly bless you in all your newness,

Rev Crawford Logan

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